Better Life Alliance

Objective: To increase sustainable, market-led, growth across the entire food production and value chain, resulting in improved food and income security for 40,000 households in selected areas in Eastern Province. USAID's partnership with Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO), General Mills, Cargill, and the Ministry of Agriculture has increased farmers economic and food security through access to fertility boosting conservation methods and markets for their production. The partnership has allowed COMACO, with financial support from USAID and technical support from General Mills, to upgrade its food processing facilities to reduce wastage by 50 percent and increase production by 300 percent with a five-fold reduction in customer complaints in the past year. This improved processing makes COMACO's product offering more competitive as well as permitting it to train and buy from more small-scale farmers in environmentally vulnerable areas. In addition, Cargill has offered a market for farmers' surplus soy production. As a result, these small-scale farmers are able to sustainably increase their production and income and rely less on animal poaching, charcoal production, and other environmentally harmful practices. Thus far over 20,000 new farmers have been recruited and trained in the past year with a total of over 30,000 farmers trained.
Implementing Partner 
Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO)
Total Lifetime Investment 
$ 8,133,518.00
USG Investment 
$ 5,989,073.00
Non-USG Investment 
$ 2,144,445.00
Start Year 
End Year