A cost-effective, scalable, self-sustainable model to deliver primary healthcare to urban poor

The purpose of this project is to address challenge of health inequity in urban areas, which leads to "health shocks", i.e. health events with high economic implications. Health shocks are the single largest reason for impoverishment in India, taking more than 32 million lives below the poverty line every year. Research indicates that reducing the financial barrier to primary care can reduce health shocks by ~84%. Swasth's solution is to address the challenge at hand by providing access to high quality primary healthcare services to urban poor at half the market rates. This model has been developed through 3 years of on-the-ground experimentation and innovation - Swath established 4 proof-of-concept sites in Mumbai slums and served over 130,000 patient visits delivering over 50% reduction in out-of-pocket expenses and a patient satisfaction rating of 92% compared to 52% satisfaction with private and public providers (as established by a 3rd party impact assessment). DIV Stage 2 support will fund an impact assessment that will track metrics such as financial and health impacts for beneficiaries, patient satisfaction, direct savings per patient visit, direct social return on investment. Funds will also help to expand the model across Mumbai by supporting the establishment of 24 new clinics. Swasth will also assimilate lessons to develop a 'Primary Health Care in a Box' model that will enable Swasth to work with entrepreneurs and organizations in other geographies to adopt the model.
Implementing Partner 
Swasth India Services Private Limited
Total Lifetime Investment 
$ 1,350,000.00
USG Investment 
$ 900,000.00
Non-USG Investment 
$ 450,000.00
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