Data Management Communication Strengthening (DMCS)

USAID partners with Vodafone Ghana, Ministry of Education/Ghana Education Service (MOE/GES) and the Global e-Schools Community Initiative (GeSCI) to provide internet access for 400 senior high schools to support ICT education and contribute towards wider community development. The remaining high schools now have established internet services. Vodafone will provide either dedicated or wireless internet service. Of the 400 high schools, 116 will receive a dedicated line and 284 will receive wireless service. Vodafone agreed rates for 36 months will provide dedicated internet service at a cost of GHS 300.00 per month (excluding tax - GHS 366 with tax) per school that is internet enabled and wireless internet service at a token cost of GHS 30 per month (including tax). These rates are significantly below Vodafone's usual rates and represent part of Vodafone's contribution to the GDA. High schools will pay the recurrent internet costs from the current ICT fee that high schools charge students (which is set by GES at GHS 3 per term per student, though some schools charge more.), an arrangement confirmed with the high schools. USAID contributes direct financial support to GES to upgrade computer infrastructure in the 400 senior high schools to make them e-ready for wireless internet connectivity. This will include providing each school with an internet server with links for existing school computers (thin client) and up to two personal computers. The provision of internet servers with thin-client connections will enable GES to utilize existing computer equipment (such as monitors and keyboards) that do not require extensive upgrades to connect to the internet (as opposed to stand-alone desktop computers). USAID will also provide the first month of internet service to enable testing of the system, with subsequent recurrent costs borne by GES and the high schools, though fees that are already collected for ICT purposes from students. USAID's financial support to GES also includes technical assistance from GeSCI to develop the deployment strategy for internet connectivity and for support to GES to ensure transparent procurement of all services and equipment purchased with USAID funds.
Total Lifetime Investment 
$ 2,102,155.00
USG Investment 
$ 1,000,000.00
Non-USG Investment 
$ 1,102,155.00
Start Year 
End Year