Delivering community‐based behavioral interventions and disease management tools across a digital platform in order to increase TB drug adherence in LMICs.

Keheala is a feature-­‐phone and Internet-­‐based digital platform that uses Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) technology to deliver behavioral interventions that have been demonstrated as remarkably effective in the social sciences literature on altruism. USSD will allow unlimited patient interactions at a cost of $1 per patient per month (much less expensive than text-­‐ messaging). A patient who participates in the program is assigned a support-­‐sponsor-­‐-­‐a former TB patient who successfully underwent treatment, and who has been hired by Keheala for this role. An automated system sends motivational messages and regular prompts for patients to self-­‐verify their treatment. Messages include reminders about the community benefits of adherence, and a measure of the patient’s adherence performance relative to successful peers. If a patient fails to correctly verify her compliance, the system automatically alerts the support-­‐sponsor, who then intervenes with a supportive dialogue. Clinicians can view individual or aggregate patient histories to leverage limited resources and predict disease outbreaks. Upon completion of the program, the patient participates in a small ceremony at her clinic that establishes her as free of the disease, providing recognition for her commitment to her community, and dispelling any stigma associated with the disease. By communicating salient public goods messages, creating a sense of responsibility for a patient towards her support-­‐sponsor and community, regularly and simply monitoring compliance in a way that is easily comprehended by all participants, and providing recognition for those who overcome the challenge of adherence, Keheala utilizes disease management tools designed with positive community pressures to increase drug adherence. Combining these powerful social messages with the functionality needed to lessen the burden of disease on everyday life, Keheala uniquely and comprehensively overcomes the barriers to appropriate treatment adherence.
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$ 120,000.00
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$ 100,000.00
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$ 20,000.00
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