Doctor in a Tab: Addressing doctor shortage in rural Bangladesh through a microfranchisee model

Doctor‐in‐a‐Tab consists of a tablet PC pre-loaded with algorithms that (i)pre‐screens patients (ii) directs them to a video‐consultation with a qualified doctor(sitting at our call center in Dhaka), (iii) prints out an electronic prescription based on the consultation and (iv) maintains electronic medical records (EMR) of the patient. The tablet will be disseminated through existing rural medical practitioners or RMPs (informal healthcare providers) who are usually very trusted in a village. An RMP will become our microfranchise by purchasing the technology from us. He will then charge patients a fixed fee for each consultation. mPower will share a portion of that revenue for every consultation. This ensures the system pays for itself and, given the ubiquitous presence of RMPs, is easily scalable. Additionally, by equipping an RMP with such a system and making them the ‘eyes and ears of a real doctor’, we not only improve his earning potential but elevate his social standing and acceptability as a health provider ‐ two strong incentives for him to follow protocols and effectively curb malpractice.
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mDoc LLC
Total Lifetime Investment 
$ 202,227.00
USG Investment 
$ 95,500.00
Non-USG Investment 
$ 106,727.00
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