IT in Education Public-Private Partnership

The IT in Education Partnership focuses on ten primary and junior secondary schools. The Partnership will build free-standing IT labs at each school, which will be outfitted with cutting-edge technology provided by the private sector partners. In addition to enhancing the learning experiences of the students, the labs also provide an opportunity to showcase US technology for the Indonesian Ministry of Education, paving the way for future commercial opportunities for US firms. Building on an existing USAID program with the Ministry of Education to support ICT and teacher training, each school will receive a state-of-the-art computer lab, with equipment, training, and technical support from the private sector Task Force partners. The Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) has committed resources for construction of the lab buildings at these ten locations. In the longer term, there may be additional support for GOI or others to expand the program. Involvement and commitment from local government will be key to enhancing chances for longer-term support and sustainability. The IT in Education Partnership focuses on ten primary and junior secondary schools, two in each of the following five provinces: North Sumatra, West/Central/East Java, South Sulawesi. The The first IT lab (the pilot location) is currently under construction in Karawang, West Java. If it proves successful, the group will move on to additional locations, with the goal of building all ten labs.
Total Lifetime Investment 
$ 234,000.00
USG Investment 
$ 222,000.00
Non-USG Investment 
$ 12,000.00
Start Year