Kenya Value Girls Project

The Kenya Value Girls is a four year program funded by Nike Foundation and USAID to offer young women access to high growth value chains that are safer and more lucrative for them. The program focuses on improving the young women's safety and security by facilitating access to alternative livelihood options; enhancing their income by increasing their participation into high growth value chains; developing and communicating an effective model for economically empowering girls and young women. The Value Girls Program is being implemented by Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd. around Lake Victoria in Nyanza and Western provinces of Kenya. The overarching goal of the Value Girls Program is to improve the social-economic welfare of girls and young women between the ages of 14-24 years by increasing and strengthening their participation in proven, high growth value chains. With support from young women and other important stakeholders, the program selected Poultry and Vegetable production as alternative sources of livelihood for the girls and young women that are living on the beaches of Lake Victoria, where the program is working. HIV/AIDS prevalence is very high along the beaches due to the transactional sex relationship that expose girls and young women to the AIDS scotch. The two sectors, Vegetables (local vegetables, tomatoes, and onions) and Poultry (improved indigenous chicken) were selected out of a large number of other potential sectors primarily due to their suitability for the girls' situations and their high potential to increase incomes. In June 2010, a partnership with USAID was established through a Global Development Alliance (GDA). This partnership added significant resources to the Value Girls Program and enabled it to address specific gaps that were identified in the program. It also enabled the program to scale up and increase its outreach to about 2000 girls and young women from the original target of 1000. The scaled up operation will promote large scale community dialogue to address cultural beliefs that marginalize girls and young women and also pro-actively engage boys and men in the same dialogue. USAID and Nike Foundation are resource partners while Cardno Emerging Markets serves as the implementing partner.
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$ 4,731,481.00
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