mVacciNation Evaluation Study: Project Management

This is an experimental evaluation in Nampula Province. In an attempt to address critical issues that contribute to child mortality stemming from vaccine-preventable diseases, Vodafone has developed and, working closely with the Ministry of Health, will introduce the mVacciNation mobile application in selected areas in Nampula. The application seeks to overcome key obstacles (supply chain failures, demand side failures and data capture) via three interrelated interventions (Caregivers / Mothers, Health Workers, and Facilities) all combined into one mobile platform created specifically for this purpose by Vodafone. USAID has partnered with Vodafone, GSK, and the National Institute of Health in Mozambique to fund a clustered randomized controlled trail with the study objectives to 1) rigorously measure the impact of the mVacciNation application on vaccination coverage rates and vaccine stock levels, 2) rigorously test different SMS and voice call reminders as a part of the application, 3) calculate the cost-effectiveness of the application, and 4) assess the impact of the application on health system processes. Vodafone has contributed significant in-kind support to the project through developing the technology needed for the mobile phone application, and the MoH has supported the project through staff time and implimentation at the health-facility level.
Implementing Partner 
FHI 360
Total Lifetime Investment 
$ 1,202,593.00
USG Investment 
$ 1,079,586.00
Non-USG Investment 
$ 123,007.00
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