Solar Dx - Point of Care Molecular Diagnostics (TB)

SolarDx is a new low cost disruptive technology with potential applications in a number of areas which include health, agriculture, and water and sanitation. DIV is supporting A'as to validate the technical viability of SolarDx as a point of care diagnostic tool (for example, TB, HIV, STI’s. HPV, HCV, and Hepatitis) that is more accurate and portable, and allows results to be conveyed to the patients immediately. Future poential use cases include soil sampling or water testing. SolarDx’s patented solar thermal technology directly harnesses solar power to enable thermal cycling for PCR DNA amplification on a microfluidic chip. This eliminates the complex machinery needed for thermal cycling in conventional PCR devices. In addition, smartphone integration greatly reduces the number of electronic components within the instrument itself. These features allow the device to be built inexpensively and simply enough so that it can be administered by any level of medical, agriculture extension, or sanitation worker. The result is point of service molecular analysis with dramatic reductions in device complexity, cost and power consumption.
Implementing Partner 
A'as Inc.
Total Lifetime Investment 
$ 300,000.00
USG Investment 
$ 150,000.00
Non-USG Investment 
$ 150,000.00
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